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Float Basics

What is a Float Tank?

First Time Here

  1. Arrive fifteen minutes prior to your appointment.
  2. Get ready for a thorough orientation!  It’s our duty to ensure our clients are impeccably prepared for their first inperiential journey through subjective space
  3. Your personal flotation suite comes fully equipped with a temperature-controlled adjustable water stream with which to wash yourself before the float.  Shampoo, conditioner, make up remover, earplugs, and yes, even towels are provided to ensure a satisfactory stay.
  4. Get nude and hop in the shower.  No swimsuits necessary!
  5. Enter the wanderlust liquid infinity that is flotation therapy.  Find out for yourself how nothing is something worth doing.
  6. When the music begins to play the time is up! Good job!
  7. Shower once more, dry off, put your human clothing on, and journey to our lobby for some tea and conversation.

When you enter the tank, your body will rest on a solution of water and 800 lbs of Epsom salts. The water is heated to skin temperature making the floating solution is almost imperceptible to the touch. After a short time of floating in complete stillness, the borders of awareness between your body and the water will begin to dissolve. No noise or light from outside of the tank will reach you.

Submerged in a floatation tank
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